Jovanka Ivanic

In 2019 Jovanka graduated with Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of International Studies degrees from the University of Adelaide. She was admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of South Australia and the High Court of Australia in 2020. While completing her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Jovanka became interested in Criminal Law and Advocacy and completed her GDLP with the Carter & Co team.

Throughout her studies, Jovanka has indicated a particular interest assisting vulnerable members of the community.

In 2014 Jovanka volunteered at the Welcome Centre assisting refugees and asylum seekers with obtaining and preparing documents to gain access to initial interviews with the Department of Immigration with the hope of gaining a legal residence status in Australia. From 2015 Jovanka volunteered at the Welfare Rights Centre. She provided advice to and appeared for clients in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal appealing Centrelink decisions relating to age pension, disability support pension and youth related pensions in particular.

In 2016 Jovanka studied abroad for the first time. She was accepted at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in Shanghai, China, where she studied about global governance and about rising powers from a unique perspective, from various established academics in these fields.

Upon her return from Shanghai, she represented the University of Adelaide in the Justice Kirby Contracts Moot in 2016, where she was responsible for conducting contemporary legal issue in contract law, drafting submissions, and advocacy, while receiving guidance from ex-Chief Justice Doyle of the Supreme Court of SA.

In 2017, Jovanka worked undertook an International Relations Internship where she worked in collaboration with the office of the US senator for Oregon, Ron Wyden (Dem.) researching the possibility of state secessions in the USA, with a primary focus on California.

Prior to graduating, Jovanka endeavored on a final study abroad program to Singapore. There, she participated full-time in an in-depth study of the internal politics and citizenship dynamics of Singapore.

Since practicing as a criminal defence lawyer with Carter & Co, Jovanka has appeared in all Magistrates Court jurisdictions in South Australia. She has assisted in research and preparation in a District Court trial and anticipates expanding her knowledge and advocacy skills.