Everyone has rights. We will protect Yours.

Carter & Co was formed by Stacey Carter with the firm’s principle aim to be vigorous advocates for all our clients. At the same time, we provide a fresh, energetic and enthusiastic approach to legal issues.

Our unwavering passion for the law and desire to protect people’s rights, has seen the firm successfully represent clients in a range of legal circumstances and jurisdictions.

Based in Port Adelaide, Carter & Co Lawyers represent individuals from all parts of the state in all South Australian Courts, including suburban and country courts.

What Our Clients Say

The BEST Lawyer in South Australia by a country mile….and arguably one of the BEST in Australia….I had never had female lawyers, so I was a bit sceptical, but Stacey changed all that for me in a single court appearance she left me in tears.

Tony Kramer

Excellent outcome.

Bronwen Clutterbuck

I was nervous about going to court, but the lawyers and reception staff kept me informed of everything I needed to know and what to expect in court. Thank you so much – your wonderful attitude and assistance helped me in this process. Highly recommend you.

Jacqui Simpson

Jovanka was very good, clear and concise when she represented me.

John DLC

Experienced and really good and trusting. Wirth every dollar spent. Have another matter to deal with and they help every step of the way thank you Stacy and Kate @carter&co

Adrian Ogrodowski

Amazing people… Thanks

Peter Crispe

Lawyer’s thru to now still, criminal & child protection proceedings, cannot fault, making firm, first I’ve ever had that are all aware of the cases and never had to explain or run any of the presenting lawyers through the main facts each date, absolutely amazing, have had every lawyer here and 100% run things properly and effectively ♥

Melissa Fennemore

Thanks to all of Carter and Co Stacey…You guys are the best at what u do and appreciate everything you guys have done for me.

Jonathon Wyatt

Stacey is the best!! My partner and I changed lawyers to Carter and Co and in just over 1 month Stacey had all charges dropped. She definitely knows what she is doing.

Erin Scheepens

Got suspended sentence. Should have got 2 and a half years Jail… enough said.

Syndicate Project

I’m so happy Carter & Co Lawyers have represented me on several matters and got awesome results. What a great team! Thanks to all.

Simon Chalmers

Good legal team

Trevor Arthur

Stacey represented my son who was on very serious charges- she was fantastic, she managed to prove his innocence and remove any stigma to his name. If it wasn’t for Stacey, I believe my son would’ve ended up in prison. Thank you, Stacey, we will never forget what you did for us.

Jodie Louden

The best lawyers around, Stacey is a magician!

Leion Hampson

I had Stacey represent me on a drink driving charge. I was certain I was going to lose my license and as a result of that my job too. She was able to get me off without conviction and I kept my license and my job. I couldn’t recommend this place more.

Owen Davids

Amazing at what they do!

Georgie Dart

Good lawyer helped me greatly several times.

Shane Hollitt

Best lawyers firm ever

Peta Fkn Pan

Great service friendly staff.

Steven Colyer-Long

Top criminal lawyers.

Vicki Pataras